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GLJT Nic Tick Trip 3

This is a pic of me and my XJ going through a mud puddle. The pic would have been ALOT nicer, but my camera man not had a brain fart and took the picture after I went through the mud :-(

This is a pic of Landstrider going through the same mud puddle, with the back of my XJ in the way of the picture a little.

Here I am in my first "stuck" of the day I was doin fine right up to the end. I didn't have quite enough ground clearance and I got stuck. None of my wheels actually touched hard ground at that point, and all 4 wheels were slowly spinning at idle. I think Landstrider yanked me out of that one.

Heres picture of Mudusty navigating one of the many side trails that branched off of the pipeline.

Heres me working my way up a small incline. This picture doesn't really give it justice, though. The grass kinda hides the 2 foot rut that I'm straddling. And if you look closely at my brush bar, you'll notice that the bottom bar is bent all the way back to the license plate. Even mud can dent the toughest metal; this was done when I got stuck.

This is on the second day, and now we're on one of the private trails owned by the campground we stayed at.

This is the same trial, and the jeep is Landstriders, like the last pic. We stopped here to check out what I think was a steep decent.

From left to right: Mudusty, Wizard (late arival on sat.), Kommandobunny, Me (BigDawg), Landstrider, and Cool Man K